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New Products and New Ideas
DesignUp uses SolidWorks™ software to design, develop and manufacture your ideas quickly. This allows for design visualization and improvements to occur before costly prototyping begins. More...

DesignUp Inc. The challenges that face an Entrepreneur are many in taking the great idea or invention all the way to a finished product. Many hurdles are in the way such as patents, financing, marketing, trademarks, product branding, manufacture and distribution. We offer an open and honest environment to discuss your idea. We are here to discuss the problems you have encountered and your concerns about your product. Confidentiality of your idea is assured, usually in writing.

DesignUp. We believe that we can be a valuable resource to the entrepreneur or inventor in making their idea a reality. We offer the latest design techniques, offshore manufacturing and distribution to help make new product development a less daunting task. Let us put energy into your idea and make it a success!

Jan 27, 2007
DesignUp Project Wins Big!
Clicgear® Cart project wins Best New Product at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show!

PGA 2007 Best New Product

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