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Companies We Have Enjoyed Working With
www.Clicgear.comClicgear Industries Ltd. Very cool golf stuff!www.Wesgar.comVancouver manufacturer of specialty sheet metal parts.www.DigitalPayTech.comThe best in modern pay parking technology.www.SwishNet.netSwishNet. A truly great product!www.TurboMist.comSlimline Manufacturing. An exceptional manufacturer!
Business Links
www.SolidWorks.comSolidWorks™. The Standard in 3D Design Software!www.BOXXTech.comBOXX Technologies. Powerful CAD Workstations.www.BrandFreek.comGifted Branding and Communications company.
Service Links
www.hawkridgesys.comSolidWorks™ VAR and Training Centre.www.gossamer-threads.comGreat Web Hosting and Website Development.www.PatScan.comPatent Searches and Consulting Services
Organization Links
www.OSTEC.caOkanagan Science and Technology Council.www.Google.comGoogle Search Engine.

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